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Our expertise in designing and creating patios comes from many years experience providing high quality landscaping and gardening services to our customers. For competitively priced patio designs and work in the areas across the North East, look no further than M & C Paving.

We recognise the value that a well-structured, attractive patio can bring both to you and your property as a whole, which is why we create only the highest quality patio areas for our customers.

Our friendly team of experts will consult you and help you to decide on the appearance of and materials used for your project, before designing and creating the ideal patio to suit your requirements.

Do you need a quote? Contact us today and we will ensure that you get a quote that you’re happy with. We ensure all our customers no matter how big or small their project is, we provide the same customer service to ensure complete satisfaction. You can call us on 07813 331297 or contact us on our contact form and we will call you back at a convenient time.


Patios are a delightful home addition, making the outdoor space versatile for various occasions. Whether hosting outdoor gatherings, enjoying scenery changes during meals, or simply relaxing, the patio caters to diverse needs. Incorporating a patio into your home design ensures a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

If the finest patio stone and slab option is what you need, connect with M&C Paving Northeast. As the leading patio contractors in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we excel in designing and constructing unique, tailored projects that go beyond just patio paving and laying. We have collaborated with numerous homeowners and families, crafting elegant and functional patios in various shapes and styles.

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    Bring the Needed Versatility to Your Space

    Augmented Aesthetics

    Enhance the charm of your outdoor space with the perfect patio cover. We blend the cover seamlessly into the existing design and materials of the house and add a striking contrast with distinct raw materials, creating a gazebo-like effect.

    Tailored Solutions to Match Your Taste

    Tailor your patio construction to suit your preferences, budget and home architecture. We craft patios with custom dimensions to fit your space perfectly. Explore the available options and designs and collaborate with our contractors to find the perfect match for your home.

    Enjoy Minimal Maintenance

    Patios are constructed to endure outdoor weather conditions, using durable and long-lasting material. As a result, they demand minimum or low maintenance.

    Sell Your Property at a Higher Price

    Increasing your home's value can be simple and cost-effective with the addition of a patio. Constructing a patio allows you to attract more potential buyers.

    Relish an Expanded Living Space

    Our patio will serve as an excellent means to expand your living space. By enclosing the patio, you can relish the view of your backyard, even on rainy days. Another option is leaving it open, which allows it to function as your home extension.

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      Factors to Consider Before Patio Installation

      You have to consider the following factors for smooth patio installation:


      Budgeting is the first and essential step, determining the amount you want to spend on the patio. It also helps you to identify which options you can avail of by staying within your budget.


      We guide our client in this step to consider factors like durability, style, maintenance needs and budget. In this way, we help them select suitable materials out of different options like concrete, natural stone and tiles.


      Our experts collaborate with our clients to record their preferences, needs and budget. Our aim is to design a patio in a way that fits the available space and complements your property's overall aesthetics.

      Customised Features

      To enhance both functionality and visual allure, our team integrates a range of custom features into the patio. It may involve built-in seating, garden patio fire pits, outdoor kitchens, lighting, pergolas, or water features.


      Our patio builders manage the entire patio installation process. We make the proper drainage system and stable base to create a bespoke design.


      Patio Design Options

      Following are the patio design options we can incorporate into your home during patio construction:

      • We can cover your patio to make the space functional in all weather conditions.
      • We may add curves to your patio designs, making it more appealing.
      • We can install the patio at a higher level to distinguish it from other spaces.
      • We can add a touch of greenery around the patio to make it look more natural.

      Repair and Maintenance

      We also provide patio repair, maintenance, renovation and replacement. You can contact us if you notice any cracks, potholes, chips or other visible damages. Our skilled builders swiftly identify issues and suggest you the best solution for your problems.

      M&C Paving Northeast | Patio Specialists

      We are specialists and experienced patio contractors in Newcastle Upon Tyne, delivering expert installation services. Our qualified team provides exceptional tailored services to our clients.

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      The cost of patio installation in the UK is around £75 to £100 per square metre. Cost can vary based on factors like types, design, material, etc.
      Gravel is the most budget-friendly patio option and can last longer with proper maintenance.
      The top four popular patio styles are dining, living room, bistro, and sundeck patios.

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