Indian Stone

Indian Stone

Create the Patio, Driveway or Path You’ve Always Dreamed of with Indian Stone in the North East

If you want a beautiful, elegant patio or driveway that makes a statement in Liverpool Indian Stone is the obvious choice.

Natural stone has been the first choice for creating intricate paved areas for thousands of years and many examples of these areas still exist around the world.

Even in modern times, with a variety of man-made options available, natural stone products are still a very popular choice for patios and pathways because of their natural grain, unique colours and interesting patterns through the cut of each stone.

Of all the natural stones available for Patios and driveways, we believe Indian Stone (Indian Sandstone) is the perfect driveway, patio or paving stone as it gives an instant first impression of great taste, luxury and prosperity.

When you couple the natural beauty of Indian Stone with an installation by the North East's most professional, highly recommended landscaping company, M&C Paving, the end result will be nothing short of exceptional.

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