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A fence enhances your home's privacy and defines your property's boundaries with improved privacy and entry control. Moreover, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful fences also enhance the overall look of your premises, making them more attractive. Efficient fencing installation requires professional handling to make it long-lasting.

M&C Paving Northeast are leading fencing contractors in Newcastle Upon Tyne, offering hassle-free services at affordable costs. We have developed a strong reputation over the years by delivering high-quality results to domestic and commercial clients. We ensure to maintain professionalism throughout our projects, offering rapid and reliable services.

Why Install Fencing?

Installing fence around your property offers the following advantages:

  • Enhances home security by preventing the entry of thieves or intruders inside your property.
  • Ensures privacy, as the neighbours and passersby cannot snoop into your premises.
  • Establishes clear and well-defined boundaries and helps prevent hostile arguments regarding property ownership.
  • Improves aesthetics and curb appeal by adding a sleek and stylish look to your property.
  • Acts as a barricade to stop weeds from entering your garden by curtailing their transfer from another property.

Types of Domestic Fencing We Install

Wooden Fencing

We install sturdy, climate-proof wooden fencing around your premises, adding a natural and non-toxic look. It is a lightweight and affordable option for homeowners to make their properties safer.

Picket Fencing

We make your property look traditional by installing picket fencing in which boards or pickets are attached to horizontal railings by spacing them at even distances.

Compound Fencing

Compound fencing adds security to your property and can be reused, allowing you to reinstall it around your new property in case you relocate to another location.

Garden Fencing

We help you add a boundary between neighbouring land and divide different parts of your garden with fencing. Allowing you to contain and divide your outside space, it makes your property private and secure.


Types of Commercial Fencing We Install

Wire Fencing

Our experts help you fulfil your commercial property's security and safety needs with wire fencing installation. It is a highly durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance solution.

Mesh Fencing

Our experienced installers enhance your property's security system with highly durable mesh fencing. Moreover, it is coated with zinc to avoid weather damage and rusting problems.

Metal Fencing

Our company helps you make your property secure and private with defined boundaries and an enhanced aesthetic look with metal fencing in various designs and styles.

Chain Like Fencing

It is one of the popular options, which is affordable and easy to install, making it suitable for exposed and windy areas. It can be installed in multiple settings, such as sporting grounds, gardens, etc.

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    The following are some types of wood which can be used for the installation of fences around your property: • Cedar Wood • Fir Wood • Red Oak Wood • Teak Wood
    The following are some of the common signs which indicate the requirement for repair & maintenance or replacement of the fencing installed around your property: • Broken, cracked, or splintered boards • Rotting wood • Unstable posts • Peeling and chipping paint
    Installing fence panels around your property might cost between £30 and £60 per panel. The final price will depend on the number of panels installed, fence height and type, and finish requirements.
    It usually takes 2 to 4 days to install a simple wooden fence of 100 to 200-foot yard with normal ground conditions. This installation duration also involves the time required for old fence removal and post-installation cleaning.

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