The summer may be just about behind us, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth commissioning a little landscaping to make sure that your outdoor space is in top shape for next year!


If your driveway is looking like it needs a little TLC or your garden could do with a smart new pathway, it’s certainly worth having these areas paved. Few things can transform a front or back garden like clean, evenly-laid new paving.


So, what sort of paving is right for your space? Here are just a few of our favourite paving ideas for 2022.




Brickwork pathways truly never go out of style.


Whatever colour of brick you go for, these pathways tend to keep their vibrant colour for a long time and are far less susceptible to pieces falling out of place than paths and driveways created using stone or gravel – not to mention much more comfortable to walk on.


Brickwork can even be customised by using different coloured bricks to create a pattern or motif throughout the driveway or path.


Indian Stone


Create the elegant, timeless pathway you’ve always wanted with these versatile paving stones.


Indian stone can be used to create driveways, pathways, patios, ponds – and it’s an all-natural material.


Even in modern times, with a variety of man-made options available, natural stone products are still a very popular choice for patios and pathways because of their natural grain, unique colours and interesting patterns through the cut of each stone. The great thing about Indian stone is just how classy it looks, too – an Indian stone pathway gives off a feel of real luxury and good taste.


Block Paving


Giving a similar look to simple brickwork but often bringing in a little more creativity and flair, using the stones to create a bespoke design.


By having block paving laid in an interesting and aesthetically-pleasing design, you can ensure that your new driveway or pathways will look different to the others within the neighbourhood, allowing you to have greater impact on the overall look and feel of the paved areas around your property.


Resin Driveway


A favourite amongst the owners of modern homes, resin driveways can be made to look incredibly sophisticated, even and manicured.


These driveways use scattered dry aggregates on top of a layer of resin, both of which later bind to create a solid and durable, yet glossy and stylish surface.


Resin driveways are certainly increasing in popularity over time, due in part to just how hard-wearing these surfaces are without sacrificing on the overall look of the driveway. This surface can also be created in outdoor spaces at the back of the home, should you wish to extend this look and incorporate bound resin into the paving in your back garden.




Perhaps less even and not quite as neat as the other options on this list, the affordability of gravel, paired with its timeless, natural look, has ensured that gravel driveways and pathways never go out of style.


Gravel can also be purchased and laid a little more simply than other surfaces, making it popular amongst those taking a DIY approach to their landscaping. Needless to say, we’d still recommend calling in the professionals to ensure that you get the final look that you really desire!


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