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Driveway installation in your property helps make it look beautiful and composed. You need to hire professionals to add an unmatched and creative touch to the exterior space by installing different types of driveway materials available in various colours and patterns.

M&C Paving Northeast provides specialised installation services for driveways in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Our experts help you make the right decision regarding the selection of suitable material, colours, and textures that go best with your property.

We Install Various Types of Driveways

We are the leading driveway contractors in Newcastle Upon Tyne, with proficiency in installing different kinds of driveways.

Asphalt or Tarmac Driveways

Asphalt or tarmac driveways are suitable for installation in the UK properties as they are resistant to the country’s climatic conditions. Our intsallers help make your driveway surfaces durable, long-lasting, and skid resistant with a smooth finish.

Block Paving Driveways

We offer various colours and styles of block paving for your driveways, which tend to last for several years. These driveways allow easy replacement as individual damaged bricks can be removed to place the new ones, thus offering easy maintenance.

Concrete Driveways

We help make the driveway surfaces durable and low maintenance with concrete that lasts for years. It is one of the most affordable options which enhance the driveway's functionality. Moreover, we also install imprinted concrete to add colours and patterns to improve your property’s aesthetic look.

Gravel Driveways

Our installers add colours and style to your property with a budget-friendly option of gravel driveways. These driveways enhance the security of your premises as gravel makes a sound when someone walks over it, thus deterring potential intruders.

Resin Driveways

Resin is a highly durable yet affordable option for driveways. We install resin-bound permeable surfaces which require lesser maintenance, thus reducing the requirement of regular repairs or replacements.


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Process of Driveway Installation at M&C Paving Northeast

The professional installers at our company follow these steps to ensure the efficient installation of a driveway on your property:

  • Excavate the driveway area up to 1500mm below the damp-proof course of your property.
  • Lay the edge restraints properly, ensuring their even placement with the help of a spirit level.
  • Apply a sub-base for supporting the weight of people and vehicles.
  • Pack the sub-base up to 6 or 7 times, ensuring full compaction.
  • Add and compact the moist sand, incorporating the driveway angles or slopes.
  • Use screeding lats to form the final layer for the paving.
  • Lay the preferred material, such as resin, concrete, block paving, etc.
  • Compact the added layer for flawless finishing touches.
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    The cost of driveway installation in Newcastle is based on its shape, size and the type of material being used. On average, this cost falls between £30 and £90 per m2. A 50m2 driveway paving typically costs between £3,500 and £5,000.
    An efficiently installed driveway mainly enhances your home's value by 5% to 10%. Different factors, such as free parking availability close to your property, permit parking cost in your street, driveway capacity, quality and condition, off-street parking demand, and your property's location, affect the value of your home. If your property is in a busy area with limited on-street parking options, then a driveway will enhance its value significantly.
    Regular maintenance lets you keep weeds away from your driveway and enhance its overall appearance. Repairing bricks and cracks regularly makes the surface more attractive with added property value. Moreover, a properly maintained driveway creates a good impression on potential buyers if you want to sell your property anytime.
    Regularly cleaning driveway surfaces helps reduce overall maintenance costs, ensuring they look the best. You can follow these simple techniques to keep the driveway clean and tidy: • Remove dirt and stains immediately once noticed. • Utilise the right cleaning tools and equipment, such as sawdust, scrubbing brush, outdoor broom, hose pipe or jet wash, and warm, soapy water to clean the surface. • Remove grease, oil, and antifreeze immediately to avoid the appearance of stains on the surface. • Sweep the driveway surface, seal the cracks, and repair bricks regularly.

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